• Our whole family accompanied my mother to Natural Hearing Solutions. My mother was no longer a part of the conversation. When she was fit with the demonstrators instantly we saw that sparkle in her eyes and her posture changed. She could hear her grandchildren for the first time. It was such a moving experience everyone cried. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Bob and Amy for there courteous and professional service but mostly for bringing Mom back into the family. What a wonderful change! Lorena

  • I was so impressed with the improvements that the new technology easily made in my father’s hearing. Their knowable and courteous service was outstanding. Now we can enjoy the company of my father with his hearing so much improved. Thanks Natural Hearing Solutions job well done. Elizabeth

  • I only live in Florida 6 months out of the year. It was wonderful to deal with a company that is Nationally Affiliated. Before we left to go back they contacted and gave us the number to people that could service our hearing aids that were very close and provided us with batteries and wax guards. We are very pleased with the service and experience that they provided to us having wore hearing aids all my life. Annette

  • The process started with a wonderful demonstration in the office which let me know I was in the right place. My delivery and explanation of my hearing aids was very thourough I felt very comfortable right away. The kind care that was given to me in my adjustment period made me feel at home. I don’t know which is better how well I was treated or how well I hear. I would recommend Natural Hearing Solutions to any of my friends and family. Robert

  • One of the things I particularly like is that I can hear in a noisy environment. I can go into a restaurant now and I can actually be part of the conversation at the table. John