Did You Know?

  • Natural_Hearing_Images_001Hearing loss is more than just how well your ears hear sounds? It is also your brains ability to interpret those sounds that makes your hearing improved.  Hearing aids not only improve your hearing  but also helps improve your brain function.
  • The longer you wait to get help the harder it is to restore hearing ability. Hearing loss has now been linked to mental illnesses such as dementia, alstimers and other cognitive disorders.
    “their finding may offer a starting point for interventions — even as simple as hearing aids — that could delay or prevent dementia by improving patients’ hearing.”
    John Hopkins Medicine
    New Release Published Feb 14, 2011
  • Not all manufactures are the same. They each specialize in something a little different in order to separate themselves in the market place.
  • Not all hearing aid clinics are the same. There are many different products on the market from PHONAK, Siemens, Starkey to  Oticon, Unitron, Widex and many more.  Few clinics can provide you with all these different options. Many only have 1 or 2 brands available.   That’s just not good enough.
  • Hearing aids are only as good as the person who programs them. All hearing aids are now digitally programmed  and it takes a knowledgeable provider to maximize your hearing ability.
  • We at Natural Hearing Solutions have actual factory experience. What that means to you is that we have hands on experience with the construction of hearing aids.  From design to development we understand how hearing aids are made which gives us a unique edge in our ability to program them.

“How much does one’s quality of life need to diminish before it is considered worthwhile to correct hearing loss?”

That is why at NHS we go above and beyond to provide you with the most diverse line of hearing aids available. With the latest up to date ha technology, we can make sure that you are offered the hearing aids that best fit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. With a wide range of pricing, 30 day 100% money back guarantee and 12 month 0% interest available there is no better time then the present to start your journey. Get back to the life that you deserve. Natural Hearing Solutions, Experience the Difference.