Natural_Hearing_Images_004We will come to your assisted living facility, nursing home or independent living community to take care of you or your loved ones hearing needs.

Hearing Screening: Starts with an exam of the ear canal and ear drum using a video otoscope, followed by a word recognition test and a medical related question and answer session to help develop your case history.

Hearing Evaluation: Is a series of test using an audiometer. Audiometric testing includes pure tones, speech recognition and bone conduction to further evaluate your hearing.

Hearing Aid Demonstration: Once your audiogram and case history have been completed our Hearing Aid Specialist will program hearing aids to your specific results and provide you with a FREE in house demonstration giving you an opportunity to see, feel and hear our hearing aids giving you a breathe taking moment.

  • See – While wearing the hearing aids you will be able to see how discreet they are.
  • Feel – For you to feel the different styles and pick the most comfortable for YOU.
  • Hear -For you to hear your improved hearing ability with the hearing aids programmed with YOUR audiogram.

Hearing Aid Selection: We provide one of the largest selections of hearing aid styles and manufactures available.  From custom products to open fit and regular BTE’s, our Hearing Aid Specialist will recommend an aid for you that fit your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. See Hearing Aids for more information.

Hearing Aid Delivery: Once you and our specialists have selected the best hearing aids for your lifestyle our specialist will provide you with a comprehensive training session explaining about your new aids. We will teach you how to operate the aids, practice putting them on, daily maintenance, and we will schedule your follow up appointment. Our specialist will spend as much time as needed to insure you feel comfortable and also answer any questions you may have. Care will be given to assure you know how to put on your hearing aids and operate them for daily enjoyment.